Masters of Light

Shadows are threatening the galaxy and it’s up to you to join the fight!

Unleash your inner superhero in one of the best hand tracking games on Meta Quest!

Feel the pulse of MASTERS OF LIGHT, an electrifying action adventure game where you harness unstoppable magic superpowers with:


Conquer 36 levels with unlimited replay, upgrade 5 skills and become a superhero, the ultimate Master of Light. Feel like a badass in VR!

Fight, workout and dance to our intense synthwave soundtrack while exploring breathtaking VR environments.

The galaxy needs you!


** Need help with hand tracking? We got you covered! Watch our Youtube tutorials and join our discord to talk directly to the devs. We value your feedback and thoughts on future upgrades and DLCs! **

Key features :

- 2 ways to play : hand-tracking đŸ€Œ or controllers 🎼

- 3 difficulty modes : easy / normal / hard

- 5 superpowers to master and upgrade including freezing time! ⏳

- 7 types of enemies

- 20 trophies to unlock 🏆

- 36 levels

and unlimited replay to improve your score!


💬 Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese.

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A game by COVEN


Written and directed by

CĂ©line Tricart


Produced by 

Marie Blondiaux & CĂ©line Tricart


Game Designer 

Maëlle Holtzer


Original music


Paul Zimmerman


Executive Producers

Joanna Popper & Martina Welkhoff



President - Céline Tricart 

Chief executive - Marie Blondiaux

Producer - Julien Séquert 

Technical Advisor - Elie Buglione

Administrator - Carine Taver 

Associate producer - Lou Bonnaventure & Manon Liout



Content Sourcing and Strategy Lead - Kimberly Unger 

Game Sourcing Lead  - Jose Luis Palacios Vives

Developer Relations - Trisha Tabor 

Developer Relations Engineer - Ted DiNola

Store Operations Manager - Jake Brinkly



CNC - Centre national de la cinĂ©matographie et de l’image animĂ©e 

Development by ALBYON


President - Fred Volhuer

Studio director -  Pierre Boulaton

Administration and finance -  Laura Karle, Thomas Hue

Lead producer - Nicolas Vienat 

Producer - Noémie Augier

Lead Developer - Jean-Noël Chiganne

Developers - Mathieu Metge, Julie Mounier, Bryan Olivier

Technical Director - Axel Barrois

Art Director - Daniel Balage

Technical Art Director - Gael Chaize

Concept Artists - Iris Yassur, Romain Leguay

Lead Artist - Corentin Polette

3D Modelers - David Faugier, Justine Chamel, Lisa Viala Licau, OcĂ©ane ForĂȘt

Integrator - Lisa Viala Licau

Lead VFX - Bastien Cocquempot

VFX Artists - Thomas Saint-Gérand, Alexia Moléon, Gerald Cofflard

Technical Artists - Raphaël Horion, Guillaume Leblay

 Lead Animator - Guilherm Paubert

3D Animators - Quentin Nicolas, Fabien Le Merrer

QA Testers - Robin Dumoutier, Matthieu Equilbecq, Julie Gril

IT - Chloe Georget-Miralles

HR Manager - Thomas Hue


Additional 3D models  GAMELEON

Producer - Allan Guis

3D Modelers - KĂ©vin Combe, Colin Tissot


Maya - Bibi Jacob

Sister A - Vivienne Vermes

Sister B -  Barbara Weber Scaff

Sister C - Emilie Rault

Ancient Voice - Douglas Rand



CEO - Vincent Percevault

CFO - Alexandra Percevault

Production Manager - Isabelle Ballet

Lead Sound Designer - Laurent Bariet

Sound Designer - David Tourdot-Fuentes

Additional Sound Designer - LĂ©o Chaput

Additional Sound Designer - Vincent Ducasse

Additional Sound Designer - Paul Verdier



Music Composer - Waveshaper

Music Composer - Paul Zimmermann

Content Manager - RĂ©mi Laouti

Content Manager - Yoann Charue

Music Mixer - Fabien Girard

Business Affairs - Marie-Pierre Meyrignac



Senior Audio Project Manager - Cyril Jegou

Assistant Project Manager / Dialogue Editor - Paul Verdier 

Voice Editor - Douglas Rand

Sound Engineer - KhoĂŻ Huynh

Localisation Manager - Carine Mathey, Umberto Barbirato, Hu Qian

Translators - Benjamin Ruppin (FR), Javier Alonso (SPA),

 Isabel Sterner (GER), Huang Xin (CHI), Yuko M. (JAP)

Proofreaders -  Morgane Le Boucher (FR), JesĂșs Calzado (ESP)

Frank Schroeder (GER),  Pu Jing (CHI), Shin Y. (JAP)